Thankful Thursday: Family

I am thankful for these two wonderful women.

They were a huge help with the rehearsal dinner, allowing me to actually attend the rehearsal and not worry about the last-minute details, plus they were invaluable in decorating the room. I could not have done it all without them. I’m blessed to call these special women family (my brothers were smart enough to marry them).

On Saturday morning, while I was getting dressed upstairs, they were making and attaching pew bows. All of the wedding flowers, from the bridal bouquet to the candlelighters’ boutonnieres, were made by my SIL there in the middle.

Saturday evening was spent up on the farm where my MIL grew up. SuperDad’s cousin farms the place now; another cousin runs a B&B in the old farm house. This was originally planned as a time for my husband’s side of the family to spend a little time together; however, an invitation was extended to my side of the family to join them for a potluck picnic supper. Thus, my uncle and aunt, my sister, my brothers and their families were with us while we enjoyed time with my husband’s uncle, parents, sisters and their families, along with 2 of his cousins and their families. There were FORTY of us in all!

I am thankful that 13 extra people were invited to come out to the farm.

Common interests were discovered and celebrated.

my uncle with my husband’s cousin

Kids who had never known the joys of exploring the hay barn discovered the rope swing. A new generation rode on horses with the help of their own parents’ younger cousins.

Palouse sunset

After sunset, as my side of the family was leaving to head back to their hotel rooms, the son of my dh’s cousin turned and asked, “Tell me again how we are related?” I laughed and said, “Technically, you aren’t, except by marriage.” But I won’t be surprised if there are some new facebook friends in the very near future.