I’m not old yet!

  • I just received my first e-mail invitation to join the AARP.
    Really?!? At 46, it did not exactly make my day any brighter, and I cannot figure out why that organization targeted me. If you have the answer, please let me know, because this is probably going to bother me for some time, especially since my husband (who is several years older than me) hasn’t received anything from them!
  • We camped out last night under a fabulous starry sky — so much clearer when you get away from city lights! — and enjoyed watching the shooting stars beginnings of the annual August meteor showers.  I’m going to try and watch again tonight… it depends on me calling up friends who live outside the city to see if we can camp in their yard.  I haven’t yet decided how tacky it would be to ask them.
  • While visiting SnakeMaster at his Boy Scout camp family night (no, that was not where we camped),  we observed a short ceremony put on by the Order of the Arrow scouts. Order of the Arrow is sort of like a Boy Scout honor society. However, there was something that left me shaking my head in astonishment. I didn’t realize I had captured it on camera until I uploaded my photos this afternoon. Can you figure it out?

7 thoughts on “I’m not old yet!

  1. “Wardrobe malfunction” – I love it!
    Karen, your e-mail to me got deleted by mistake… my fingers work faster than my brain sometimes…

  2. He definitely forgot an important part of his costume!

    I think they send AARP stuff to women earlier because they figure they’re often the ones who handle the paperwork for both partners. I just turned 49, though, and I haven’t received anything. Maybe it’s because your husband retired?

  3. i’ve been getting AARP – we’re talking ACTUAL MAIL, with the membership card and everything – since I was about 25. I just think their records must be wacky or something.

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