Friday Five: the back-to-college Edition

  1. Encyclopedia Blue is now a licensed driver. He took his behind-the-wheel test on Thursday, barefoot, of course. Yes, that is legal — at least it is in Washington State! 
  2. We all piled into the minivan today and EB drove us to college. It’s so much easier to move in for his sophomore year (we had that experience with his older brother, too) when you know exactly where to go and what to do to get keys, etc.
  3. We picked up groceries for lunch and descended upon the lovebirds’ nest apartment. Yes, we were smart enough to text and call in advance. They seemed glad enough to see us and equally glad to send us away afterward! 😉
  4. By waiting until Friday to take EB back to school, we were able to be there for the National Lentil Festival. That, my friends, is the teaser to bring you back in a few days for a  Not My Town Monday post. 
  5. Upon arriving home, I texted our college “kids” to thank them for spending time with us today and wishing them a good start to their school year. EB texted back, “Thanks for the great send-off.” After a few hours, I am now wondering if he was being sarcastic. You see, not only did I forget to hug him goodbye, we simply let him out of the car on Greek Row, several blocks away from his dorm and told him to walk the rest of the way. In our defense, those decisions were made due to traffic.  Since it is after midnight, I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out if we hurt his feelings.
    Chances are, he is just fine, but I’m a mom and I worry.