Intentional Observation: Just Do It!

My Town Monday, Weekend Reflections, Almost Wordless Wednesday, Pink Saturday, Thematic Photographic, and the [now sadly defunct] Weekly Words Challenge… what do these have in common? They are all photo memes. Some of them I participate(d) in on a regular basis, most of them are now a game of hop-scotch for me: enjoyable and fun, but  my husband easily becomes jealous of my computer time  I often find that there is too much going on in a regular day or week to take the time needed to swing a different direction and join a playground game instead of passing on by and it drives my husband nuts when I slow down our walks with the taking of pictures.

passing on by in the Palouse

One of the things I like about photo memes is the impetus to go on a photo hunt, to look at the world in a different way… really, just to Observe. It is so very easy to go through life in a pattern of our own making, to check off our daily lists and never willingly deviate from what is most comfortable.

Kelle Hampton wrote about this on her blog, Enjoying the Small Things.

It takes intentional observation, the freedom to snap the picture, the desire to explore further — the mental and physical energy to Just Do It! And of course, the all-important remembering to actually carry a camera with you and pull it out at the right moments.