My Town Monday: Creativity Abounds

I like My Town Monday posts because they give me that little push to become a tourist in my own city.

I will refrain from ranting about how the construction of the freeway split and destroyed entire neighborhoods. Today, I am focusing on how people chose to take something ugly and turn it into a canvas for art.

From murals painted on highway and railroad underpasses…

… to surprising finds on stairwells.

Anything can become ART.

Should we make some of these for our backyard?

Of course, one should always check out the park:

Bloomsday racers

Sometimes art is created by paid professionals.

Even without water, this fountain is beautiful.

Art should be shared with others. It is not something to be hoarded.

Creativity can be found everywhere.

I’ve even read that there are classes downtown, held every first and third Friday evenings, where a person can learn to paint while drinking! It’s true: a local artists’ group (“Van Gogh and Merlot”) hosts events where they teach you to paint a classic piece of art while sipping local wine.

Do you find art in creative places where you live? Tell me about it!