Ten on Tuesday: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

  1. Central Washington is still burning.
  2. It hasn’t been too bad here (current air quality is “moderate:) but other places are suffering some really awful air quality.
  3. What we are getting here are incredible skies at the beginning and end of each day: tangerine and pink suns at sunset, yellow moons hanging low in the sky.
  4. This morning, H-J called me from the bus stop to report a RED sun! I threw on a jacket and sandals and walked out to the park to see for myself. By the time I got there, it was higher in the sky and actually neon orange.
  5. I hope it isn’t bad for my eyes to stare at such a sight. The smoke made it possible… but probably not advisable.
  6. My camera is incapable of capturing such images. I tried.  And tried.
  7. Did I mention that I wore my pajamas to the park? I’m classy like that.
  8. I was so focused on things like 3 cups of morning coffee and neon sun to realize that the 13yo had not gotten up and gone to school. I woke him 5 minutes after he should have left the house. Therefore, I also drove him to school in my same attire: pajamas, fleece jacket, and sandals.
  9. That stack of decorative edging bricks in the garage needs to move out of my path. I rammed my 4th toe into them in the process of taking SM to school this morning. (My toenail now looks like it’s been painted red.) How I made it through the entire summer without injury is sort of baffling.
  10. We are a few months away from our 25th wedding anniversary. I asked SuperDad what he wanted to do — he suggested going out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Please help me come up with something better than that! It can’t be expensive, though; he keeps telling me that we’re broke. (He’s been telling me that for 25 years.)