Ten on Tuesday: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

  1. Central Washington is still burning.
  2. It hasn’t been too bad here (current air quality is “moderate:) but other places are suffering some really awful air quality.
  3. What we are getting here are incredible skies at the beginning and end of each day: tangerine and pink suns at sunset, yellow moons hanging low in the sky.
  4. This morning, H-J called me from the bus stop to report a RED sun! I threw on a jacket and sandals and walked out to the park to see for myself. By the time I got there, it was higher in the sky and actually neon orange.
  5. I hope it isn’t bad for my eyes to stare at such a sight. The smoke made it possible… but probably not advisable.
  6. My camera is incapable of capturing such images. I tried.  And tried.
  7. Did I mention that I wore my pajamas to the park? I’m classy like that.
  8. I was so focused on things like 3 cups of morning coffee and neon sun to realize that the 13yo had not gotten up and gone to school. I woke him 5 minutes after he should have left the house. Therefore, I also drove him to school in my same attire: pajamas, fleece jacket, and sandals.
  9. That stack of decorative edging bricks in the garage needs to move out of my path. I rammed my 4th toe into them in the process of taking SM to school this morning. (My toenail now looks like it’s been painted red.) How I made it through the entire summer without injury is sort of baffling.
  10. We are a few months away from our 25th wedding anniversary. I asked SuperDad what he wanted to do — he suggested going out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Please help me come up with something better than that! It can’t be expensive, though; he keeps telling me that we’re broke. (He’s been telling me that for 25 years.)

10 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

  1. Happy (almost) anniversary! Dinner sounds nice or maybe a concert? I’m also a big fan of planting trees for occasions. We now have anniversary lime and tangerine trees in our yard. Since our anniversary is in June, we often take our backpacking/camping trips as anniversary “presents” to ourselves.

  2. Bummer about your toes! Every once in a while I take Emma to school in pjs. I learned from my mom, who wandered the garden in her nightgown many weekend mornings 🙂 I have friends who buy an artisan bowl for each anniversary –often at an art/craft show. But I’m not really the one to ask –Rob and I usually forget our anniversary. We’re coming up on 15 years, maybe when we get to 25 we’ll remember and do something special.

  3. i just want to say, that i can’t wait to see you! your blog never fails to give me a laugh or a thought or … you get the idea 🙂

  4. For our 20th last year, we talked for months about what we wanted to do. We talked about various plans but ultimately just decided to send the girls to grandma’s house overnight and go out to a very nice restaurant. As my gift to him, I rented him a vintage sports car, but I have to confess that at the last minute, I got a Groupon for it, so it was 50% off. Going with him to pick up the car and bring it back into town was a heck of a lot of fun and driving to dinner in it was even more fun.

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