I owe SnakeMaster (my 13yo son) a treat. He found the the perfect place for our umbrella-style clothesline dryer: the metal-capped “hole” for the cylindrical post. It was under the portable fireplace.  (Apparently, we prefer to allow the portable fireplace to rust in place.)

Yes, we have lived here for more than a year. I’ve managed to get the summer laundry dry by spacing out the loads and using a single clothesline stretched across the backyard. It’s actually my preferred method for drying most of our laundry, but there are some unmentionables that I’d prefer to not have on display for the man next door. Hanging them on the inner lines of the umbrella-style clothesline, surrounded by t-shirts or pillowcases on the outer lines, makes me feel like I am a little less on display. It’s all about how I choose to air my dirty clean laundry.  😉
So I’m grateful for clotheslines that we installed and clotheslines (and a certain hole in the ground) that came with the house and the boy who found that “hole.”

Today I am playing along with Thematic Photographic, a photo meme hosted by Carmi. This week’s  theme is GROUNDED.

There’s plenty to be thankful for in this season of transition. Sometimes you don’t have to look any further than your own backyard — especially if you have a husband who gardens. (I’m lucky that way.♥)

Butternut Squash

The end of summer means the end of fresh rhubarb. I think I can get one more pie out of these pink beauties.

the chopping block

Autumn around here means that the chopping block has seen a lot of action. The ground is covered with wood chips and the shed is filling up with logs that have been cut to fit the wood stove. I’m thankful for my husband; he has made sure that we will be warm this winter.

I’m also thankful for Janet, who suggested that I get down on the ground for T.P. inspiration this week! My knees are nearly dry now.   🙂

10 thoughts on “Grounded

    • My gardening skills consist of reminding my husband to please plant something! He’s the gardener, not me.
      I think the commercial must show up on whatever browser you are using — I don’t see one when I view this on my laptop via Chrome.

  1. While I was growing up (long, long, long ago) my mother never had a clothes dryer and she hung all of our clean laundry everyday, year-round outside and, that was in the Chicago area. It took a long time to dry outside in the winter but it always smelled so good and fresh! When I was first married,( almost as long ago) we didn’t have a dryer either. Those were the good old days.

  2. I love that second squash photo –I like to imagine being down there with the grass waving above me. Although I hate, truly hate, butternut squash. Memories of being forced to eat it as a kid. It has never once appeared on my family’s plates.

  3. omg all the text just went wonky! Symbols! WTH! Anyway, I’m glad I was of help and those pictures are great! I have a thing for taking pictures of clothes hanging on a laundry line. Not pervert-y undies shots but just jeans and colorful shirt type shots. For some reason I love that!

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