A quick Friday Five…

  1. Reposting the above picture from last October, just because I like it so much (and because it’s pretty).  SuperDad and I kayaked on a lower, calmer portion of the river on Monday.
  2. There was a free newspaper in front of our kitchen door this morning, right where I could notice it.  This reminded me that we probably would enjoy getting the paper on the weekend.
  3. That free newspaper informed me that today is the birthday of two aging rockers: Steve Miller is now 69 years old, and AC/DC’s Brian Johnson is 65. Now I’m feeling older, too.
  4. I spent yesterday feeling nauseous, napping and lounging around in yoga pants.  There goes my run of twice-a-day-activity (exercise) for the month — nothing quite like blowing it after only 3 days of a new month. I’m trying to get up the gumption to go for a walk in the cold sunshine this morning.
  5. It’s First Friday downtown this evening, which holds the promise of walking about and enjoying some local art.  I’m hoping that just getting it down in writing here will help us to get there because, sadly, we have never attended this monthly event.

And because I’m feeling a bit melancholy (blame it on lack of energy), here’s another photograph:

“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”
reddish-pink sunrise from 10 days ago, compliments of the fires in Central Washington

Playing along today with Pink Saturday.