Kayaking, candles, and other assorted things


Last week I had the energy to head down to the river.


This is what we did for more than an hour.

house on the river

I wondered if I would be willing to move again, if I had the opportunity to live in one of these houses.

home on the river

We certainly wouldn’t have to hassle with getting to and from the river!

draining the kayak and packing up

But I like where I live. And I really wouldn’t like worrying about flooding every spring.


A few quick thoughts:

  • I’ve had a few days of feeling run-down. Not a big deal, just low energy. My husband has been feeling the same way. We are blaming the layer of wildfire smoke caught in our atmosphere.
  • The autumn light has a hazy effect, thanks to the smoky skies. Our air quality isn’t necessarily unhealthy (other places are), but it is significant enough to curtail my desire to photograph scenery right now.
  • I decorated for Fall on Saturday. The golden orange hues have a cheering effect for me. And while SuperDad was off hiking and camping in the mountains again with SnakeMaster, I spent a little money on some new scented candles: Spiced Pumpkin, Ginger Pumpkin, Amber Wood & Vanilla, and Cedar Patchouli are the options in my house this fall.
  • Yesterday was baking day. I made a green tomato pie, a rhubarb custard pie, and 2 loaves of pumpkin bread. Then I took a nap!
  • Today we headed to the AFB, which is my usual Tuesday activity (gym and shopping).
  • I swam laps in the pool (which was rather chilly so my heart rate went up, too — being immersed in cold water does that to me. I had to meditate during my laps to ward off feelings of panic).
  • What started as a quick stop at the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions became an opportunity to get a flu shot (my dh got his this week — I’ll get mine next week) and because I am such a party animal, I went ahead and got a Tdap immunization. Whooping Cough is currently at epidemic levels in Washington State and I couldn’t remember when I last had a Tetanus shot. (I only remember how much it hurts  afterward.)
  • I need to get back up off the couch and do more baking because while I was at a meeting last night, the people I live with ate half a loaf of pumpkin bread. Somehow they didn’t hear the message about those loaves being saved for a school event on Wednesday morning. I shouldn’t be surprised; after all, the kitchen did smell really good! Luckily, we have the supplies in the pantry to make more.