Busy as a Bee

Queen Elizabeth rose

Queen Elizabeth entertained a visitor on Wednesday, although she might have thought him to be a bit rude.

These ladies-in-waiting were not amused:

Elegant Lady roses

The New England Asters were hosting a party of their own.

Plenty of PINK was seen, but only these plants could be considered to be on their best behavior:

Obedient Plant

We have had beautiful fall weather here this past week (honestly, for the past two months!) and it was time to make one more trek up to our favorite city park before the autumn rains finally arrive. I never get tired of visiting the gardens!


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13 thoughts on “Busy as a Bee

  1. Okay, your comments made me look it up! 😀
    “Obedient Plant (Physostegia virginiana) got its common name because you can bend the individual flowers in any direction you like – a nice feature for floral displays. Unfortunately obedient plant is not so obedient in the garden, where it can spread to the point of nuisance. Newer varieties, like ‘Miss Manners’, are being bred to remain in well-behaved clumps.” from About.com

  2. Lovely. The QE rose is a favorite. And I love asters – can’t really grow them down here in SoCal, but in Seattle they were magnificent!! Thanks for the memories.

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