She’s left the building…

Back in the Spring (and I use the term “spring” very loosely here, because although it was March, we were slipping and sliding on snow and ice) I spent a couple of days on a scrapbooking retreat.

Well, it’s time to go back again and get some pictures safely into Creative Memories scrapbook albums. This is especially crucial when the store-bought albums purchased 16 years ago (so-called-“quality” albums at the time) have pages that are yellowing.  In danger are my pictures from Europe, with baby H-J and his big brothers, and our adventures in Germany, Italy, France, and England.  [We lived in Germany from January of 1995 until January of 1998.]
Those are precious memories!

NYC 2010 Spring Break family trip, scrapbooked

So I’m headed back up north to The Middle of Nowhere, in a different facility but just down the road from the previous place pictured here. Hopefully we won’t be dealing with ice and snow again!  Three days without outside communication — no phone, no pool, no pets… nor is there internet. It’s all about the quality time spent scrapbooking.

I am looking forward to seeing Bob & Doug at Croptoberfest.  😀
Yes, they plan on coming down from Canada again this weekend (They really are from Canada!) although they probably will not be in costume.  😉


I spent part of this week offline, working on things around home (and working around a headache that would not quit for over 2 days) so I’ll have a lot of catching up to do when I get back home again — besides laundry, of course!

Happy Weekend! 😀

4 thoughts on “She’s left the building…

  1. oh how fun!! at my first job we had a scrapbooking club (as well as a CM consultant who could keep us addicted to the good stuff) – and i was much more willing to put in the time in those days before reliable digital photo albums. i am just so LAZY now – i love love love looking back at my lovingly crafted scrap books, but nevvvvvvvvver actually make them anymore. facebook had better not delete my albums at any point 🙂

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