Time Warp Tuesday: My little pumpkin

Today I am playing along with Jenn at Juggling Life and several other bloggers participating in Time Warp Tuesday.

The first kid gets so many pictures taken of him because everything is so new to the parents AND because we’re only juggling one kid with the camera. Here is MusicMan at 6 months old, sitting up with the pumpkins at a road-side stand. My BFF and I had taken a day trip over the mountains to see a little fall color and buy some new crop apples. KCINNOTX is MM’s honorary auntie and this picture can be found on display in her house. Seeing as how this particular photograph is more than 21 years old, I find that rather impressive! ♥

8 thoughts on “Time Warp Tuesday: My little pumpkin

  1. I remember that beautiful fall day like it was yesterday! And yes, this picture still sits proudly upon a dresser in my home. Just so darned cute!!

  2. He looks so happy! Good friends of my parents still have photos of me when I was a kid up on their walls, and it makes me happy each time I see them.

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