Grammatically speaking…

Somewhat worse for wear…

Stop, Listen, Deposit Coins


There but for the grace of God go I.

Grammatically, this line looks and feels odd, so I looked it up.
Oh, Internet, how I adore you sometimes! 

You can find a helpful explanation here.


I’m also playing along with Carmi‘s Thematic Photographic meme this week. Click on over to see what else is “Somewhat Worse for Wear.”

9 thoughts on “Grammatically speaking…

  1. So, I take it you didn’t hear that line coming from one or the other of your parents at least once a month when you were growing up? I did and had it explained to me as a child. I don’t question the grammar of sayings from my parents – it is either deliberate or correct.

  2. Pay phones have been in great demand in NYC since the hurricane. A lot of young people, very tech savvy with their smart phones have been a bit confused by those “obsolete” pay phones. Pretty interesting, I think.

  3. lol I love how the first line is just “STOP” with a hand. Stop what? Stop moving and listen for a tone? Where is the tone coming from? And why would I insert a coin? LOL! this really made me laugh!

  4. Ah yes, the lost telephones, that I actually discovered two of just last week! Was I ever surprised, and yes I snapped it too! I mean it isn’t everyday you find these anymore! I like how worn the coin slot is!

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