Don’t whine, it’s Friday!

I’m at a quilting retreat, but I brought the computer with me — mostly because I purchased a pattern from and neglected to print it out earlier this week (not that it would have mattered… the printer has been steadfastly unreliable for several years)!

Rest assured, I will be drinking plenty of coffee to keep my focus.
The retreat center has a no-alcohol policy, so this post is purely for fun!

Not to mention that fabric, sharp cutting tools, sewing machines, and alcohol do NOT mix well — and that goes waaaaay beyond a matter of bad judgement.

Happy Weekend!

10 thoughts on “Don’t whine, it’s Friday!

  1. Good rule, I have trouble enough with sharp objects without adding alcohol into the mix. Like the last one especially, sadly I can’t drink wine, it has way too much acid for my belly.

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