Somewhat Worse for Wear

Here is another photograph that fits with Carmi‘s theme this week at Thematic Photographic.

Part of the wall in the south side of our church sanctuary

We recently found a church home* after spending a long time trying to find “a good fit” for our family. (Okay, mostly for me… the family isn’t as picky.)  We didn’t chose it because it is the newest or prettiest or wealthiest congregation — I think this photograph makes that pretty obvious! — but I do feel at home there. The building is big and old, the membership is small and varied in age, and everyone is encouraged to pitch in and participate in making things happen.

I actually didn’t take this picture specifically for the meme — my husband needed some photos of the damage for repair purposes. This picture is a bit blurry, since I snapped it quickly in the darkened room after choir rehearsal on Tuesday evening. I might have to re-take photos for him, but they definitely show an older building a bit worse for wear.

What it doesn’t show is the great love of a small congregation living out their faith.

*Sorry, that’s a bit of religious-speak…
“Church home” is a phrase often used to describe a congregation of believers where a person feels at home.  And yes, I feel at home there, although I won’t be there tomorrow — I’m still at my quilting retreat.  I’m sure it will take me most of next week to catch up with you all.

Back to work for me now!