A Fast Friday Five with Fotos

I’ve been scrambling to keep up with life this week, so a quick Friday 5 is the right speed for me tonight.

1. This was my Thursday morning, when I came frighteningly close to T-boning a little red truck that ran a red light in front of me. (Yes, my light was green and had been for more than a few seconds.) The other driver was “distracted” when his cell phone rang. Luckily, I was paying attention and stood on my very handy-dandy brake pedal.

smelling like a rose

2. This is what both that driver and I are thinking of my husband tonight. A little steel wool and buffing  took out the “lipstick” scrapes.

3. I spent three days this week fighting off illness (or perhaps exhaustion). There was a lot of napping, going to bed early, and sleeping all night. Vitamin C is a good friend at times like this… and so is hot tea.

4. Today and tomorrow is an international fair-trade market at a big church downtown. I worked a four hour shift today and plan to go back tomorrow to tempt my budget resolve. What could be better than finding beautiful gifts and making sure the person who made them receives a fair wage for his or her work?

5. Actually working on projects I’ve started (and plan to give as homemade gifts) would be a good idea, too!

Here’s a sneak-peek at my overwhelming project that I started last weekend.

8 thoughts on “A Fast Friday Five with Fotos

  1. I have strong feelings about cell phones and driving. I never pick up –I don’t care who it is, or if it’s hands-free, or what. I’m glad you were able to slow down enough for the accident to be minor.

    Our church works together with our local free trade store to host a sale as well. Ours will be Dec. 1st, and I’m donating some of my earrings & bracelets for the sale as well.

    That quilt is going to be gorgeous –I would definitely find that intimidating! I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished product!

    • Yes, Jenn, this is going to be the quilt top, although the pattern will be a little bit different. I was crazy enough to start the project with nothing but a bunch of 8.5-inch blocks of fabric… no real plan or pattern. Thanks to a lot of help (including the woman in the photo), I now have a plan and a (sort of) pattern. This numbskull newbie is learning the hard way how to create a queen-size quilt!

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