Regrets, I have a few

I should learn when to keep my thoughts to myself.

I  opened a can of worms on facebook the other day. Why, oh why, did I even log in during an election week? I knew there would be bitter and disappointed people posting. For some reason, I just could not leave it alone. It was not my finest moment. I was not being a peacemaker. I was not helpful. I was not perceived as kind or compassionate or intelligent. And I have been paying for it in several hours (which I really should be using other ways) of careful messaging with an old friend to keep her from hating me.  I should have just stayed the heck away from facebook for the past week instead.

So for everyone’s benefit, especially mine, here is a gentle reminder:

Before you speak– or write, or act — consider these three questions:

  1. Is it kind?
  2. Is it helpful?
  3. Is it necessary?

8 thoughts on “Regrets, I have a few

  1. I have very few Facebook friends whose political views are different from mine, but what I have learned is that it’s not right for me to argue with them on THEIR page –I will not post liberal comments on their status-updates, trying to tell them they’re wrong. In that same vein, I think it’s “unfriendly” for someone to argue with me on MY page. If I post a liberal status, I expect my conservative FB friends to ignore it, hide me in their newsfeed, or, if they can’t stand it, to unfriend me. I don’t expect them to start posting anti-liberal comments on my page, and if they do, I delete those comments rather than argue with them.

    I’m sorry that politics came between you and an old friend. I’m extremely glad the election is over!

  2. #4 Are you entitled to your opinion?
    #5 Are you human.

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Of course I don’t know what “it” was but places like facebook (which I don’t care for) and blogs are your space to say what you feel. And it’s the place for others to visit and get all insulted if they so choose. I’d rather put time into the former. Hope it resolves itself. Hugs.

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