A Collection of Hearts

Hmong community Hearts

wood brightly painted
or corded strands for hanging
soft and colorful

4 hearts from Kenya

How would you like your heart today?

Hearts were everywhere this past weekend — in various booths at the Jubilee fair trade market and even on the bulletin cover at church on Sunday morning.

6 thoughts on “A Collection of Hearts

  1. Once upon a time I had a heart shaped pillow that was covered in tatting and inch wide ribbons in pastel colours. One of those cases where you say, “oh, that’s pretty” not meaning anything other that just that – keeping the “it’s not my taste” to yourself. My friend gave me the darned pillow! It was when our friendship was new and I didn’t feel I could refuse her a third time. I don’t think I ever took a photo of it before it went to goodwill.

    Those hearts are quite pretty and no, I don’t want one, thanks 🙂

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