Friday Five: like a Tuesday Ten, only smaller

  1. Miss Lola’s wedding gift to me was a basket filled with supplies for making a batch of her beloved fudge.
  2. If you read yesterday’s post about Miss Lola’s fudge, you will understand why #1 makes me teary and smile at the same time.
  3. I am reminded now that there is another special lady to tell you about someday.
  4. Tomorrow is a Creativity Day: for 5 hours mid-day, some of the same ladies from the quilting retreat will be meeting together at a retirement community center. I’ve attended a couple of these events in the past and I am excited to go again tomorrow… and not just because I need help on my quilting projects!
  5. Encyclopedia Blue comes home tomorrow for Thanksgiving break. (His university takes an entire week off for the US Thanksgiving holiday.)