Halfway through November (Or, Finding Balance)

I love the challenge of posting every single day in November. I really do! It forces me to actively churn the ideas that often flow quietly below the surface, to dig deeper on some days.  Participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) — even though I don’t bother signing up on the official list — is something I enjoy.


I have a lot less time to read blogs in November. I started the month with a Creativity Retreat, during which I began several quilting projects; these are Christmas gifts that need to be kept secret from the recipients while being completed. I also have other homemade gifts of various sorts that need to be… made. Combine the crafting of homemade gifts (we have a large extended family) with a big family holiday (hello, Thanksgiving!) and college kids coming home TODAY for up to a week, and you have just found the recipe for one overwhelmed blogger.  Happy, busy, fulfilled, but also overwhelmed.

People, I have nearly 200 unread posts in my Google Reader.  I’m trying really hard to not feel guilty about it. I’m trying really hard to convince myself that it is okay to just scan through most of those posts and not click through to comment on them, but that is hard for me; I love the give-and-take of comments.

Reflecting on the IMPORTANT in my life

I’m trying to find balance in all of this.

I do NaBloPoMo because it inspires me and pushes me into creativeness.  Perhaps there is a connection between those creative juices and the making of gifts instead of purchasing most of them.   
Thursday evening I spent 5 hours focused on book club (we are as much a support group as we are a book club. It’s awesome).  Last night my family attended the school play and appreciated H-J’s work in building the sets, along with the enjoyment of spending time with my SIL and seeing a terrific production of “Our Town.”

I got up early today, dropped H-J off at school for a competition, put away the last of the Halloween decoration and pulled out the last of the Thanksgiving decor. I’ve ironed a tablecloth, gotten 2 loads of laundry started, and made pumpkin pies. And right now, I need to pack up my sewing machine and unfinished (and not-yet-started!) projects, and head out for a Creativity Day to work on some of those Christmas gifts. The three college kids will arrive while I am gone so I doubt I’ll get back to the computer tonight.

I do miss my regular visits with my blogging buddies! ♥


Please tell me what is keeping you busy these days.


9 thoughts on “Halfway through November (Or, Finding Balance)

  1. Take it from someone who spent most of the summer and fall (and will again) collecting about 80 posts daily and not getting around to most of them… it’s okay. Tend to your needs.. your life.. your writing. We’ll be here when we can and we know you’ll do likewise when you can. Hugs to you, Karen.

  2. Don’t stress! Doing what you need to do for yourself is most important. Although I completely agree with you about the back-and-forth of comments on blogs, it’s also fine to go through a period where you’re quieter.

    I always feel this way about this time, too –I love Christmas and spend a lot of time getting ready for it, including hand made gifts, and I’m always so relieved (guilty, but relieved) when Em’s birthday is over and I can concentrate on Christmas. Luckily we’re not having a big Thanksgiving this year, so Rob and I will have a few days to just relax –we both feel like we’re barely treading water at this time of year!

    Enjoy your family at Thanksgiving!

  3. Well, it certainly sounds as though you have enough good reasons to neglect us! Enjoy your holidays and your creativity.

  4. I try and scan through all posts in my reader, but I seldom find the time to comment on every one. Besides – I’d soon find myself doing the same as when I have to churn out student evaluations before a certain date… I’d be less than inspiring!

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  6. Just letting you know that I’m keeping up with your blog. I hesitate sending too many e-mails your way because I know how busy you are, especially at this time of year! Happy TG!

    Hugs, Carol

    PS: No reply needed. We will catch up later!

  7. Those trees on the shore look like campfires springing to life! What’s keeping me busy? Life, just like you 🙂 Enjoy all you can and don’t worry about the rest…we know you’ll be back visiting after the holidays!

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