MTM: Rainy Day Books

It’s raining, and it will be raining all week long. It is snowing in the mountain passes, vindicating my decision to not attempt to drive to Seattle for the Rush concert or Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I did get snow tires mounted on my minivan this afternoon. I sat and read a book while waiting (a very pleasant way to pass the time). Had I remembered to put the camera in my purse, I would have been able to photograph the oily rainbow splotches found in parking lots. I might have been feeling nostalgic today because just seeing them made me stop and smile.

Thankfully, someone at the newspaper took pictures for me and wrote up a nice article about Little Free Libraries that can be found along the street in various neighborhoods. I thought it would be a great idea to build a library and post it near the curb under our spruce tree. There are a lot of people who walk their dogs along our street (usually on their way to and from the park) and this might be a great way to meet more of our neighbors. Chances of me actually doing that? About 3%. (At least I’m honest!) However, there is a Little Free Library website where you can learn more about them and get ideas and even building plans. In searching for a map of our local Little Free Libraries, I found this link listing the registered LFLs all over the world. Yes, Little Free Libraries are international!