Time Warp Tuesday: the old barn

We spent Thanksgiving with my husband’s parents and extended family. While there, my MIL pulled out a photograph and shared it with several of us:

Family photo at the farm, circa 1940

The little girl is my mother-in-law. Her father and mother (my husband’s grandparents) appear to be petting the farm dogs, while my MIL’s older brother stands tall with cattle behind him.

The farm is still there and operating today. Slim farmed there until his health declined, although he outlasted his son (the young boy in the photo above) who farmed alongside him and sadly died before him. That boy grew up to have children of his own, one of whom farms the property now. Another of my husband’s cousins runs the old farmhouse as a B&B.

We went there after The Lovebirds‘ wedding in August. It was so fun to share this place with my uncle, sister, and my brothers’ families.

My brothers’ wives and me, with the barn in the background

10 thoughts on “Time Warp Tuesday: the old barn

  1. oh my gosh, that is so cool. my family is so bad at preserving any of its own history! the pictures they took were few & far between, and almost no “things” – be it small trinkets or entire farmsteads! – have been passed down through generations. one day i want to really dig into ancestry.com or one of those sites and see what I can turn up…

  2. I am thinking “sunshine, shorts?”….niiiiiiice weather for Thanksgiving! I love old b and w pics like that, thanks for sharing!

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