Thankful Thursday: Percocet, Pajamas, and Pretty flowers

Thank you for your good wishes for recovery. I’ll be in a boot for the next 6 weeks. The recovery will be a long haul  — I  nearly passed out at the bathroom sink this morning — but the surgery itself went well and the pain meds seem to be working.

Maybe I should rephrase that… the pain meds are working when I take them on schedule. It keeps things at a dull ache with just twinges of pain. When the Percocet start to wear off, my foot stings, hurts and itches. And I can’t even feel where the fascia was “lengthened” yet — I’m only feeling things around my [former] hammer toe. It’s going to be a lovely six weeks. *sigh* I will need things to take my mind off this constant companion.

One of those distractions are my new lounge pants — really just super-soft pajama pants, I picked them up at Costco a few weeks ago, immediately following the podiatry appointment when I was given my surgery date. [Is calling it a date for surgery supposed to make it sound better?] The doctor had specified in his instructions the need for pants that were loose and comfortable. That’s almost like giving me a prescription for new lounge pants, right? And Costco had just the thing, so I bought two: one pair is white and light blue — a fluffy cloud design — and the other pair, which I wore out in public (or as Ron White says, in pub-lic!) is a black/gray/white tartan with tiny pink stripes. Did I mention they are super-soft? So comfortable!  No wonder they are called lounge pants! I’m wishing I could wear them All The Time, but once my 3 days Rx of constantly elevating my leg is done, I might have to put on real [yoga] pants again… at least to go to church and volunteer at SM’s school on Monday morning. (And not just because they are a couple of inches too short on me.) In other words, I probably shouldn’t wear lounge pants when I’m not actually lounging around. 

These beautiful flowers are from my BFF. ♥  Aren’t they gorgeous!?!  The hydrangea is bluer than it shows up to be in this picture, and the vase is a really pretty cobalt blue. Yes, my BFF knows my favorite color.  🙂  And the lilies smell fabulous! 
She also sent me flowers when my oldest son flew the nest to go to college 3,000 miles away from home. And that wasn’t the only times she has blessed me in this way!  Sending someone flowers isn’t the sort of thing I think of doing, so it is extra-special when she does this for me.


11 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Percocet, Pajamas, and Pretty flowers

  1. Get ready for the stench of that “sock” and the bandages when they remove it! Gah… You will be SOOO happy when you can finally wash that foot again. It gets nasty after stewing/brewing for 6 weeks. Been there, done that. Keep taking those meds and milk it for all you can! ; )

  2. Short comfy pants –that’s problem I run into too. It’s so unfair that all those cute lounge-y pants don’t come in actual “talls” (vs. the 30″ – 32″ inseam they THINK is a tall).

    I hope that after all this effort, the surgery will succeed in resolving the heel pain!

  3. Oh my dear – I’ve been all absent and stuff, and here you are recovering from surgery! Well, thank goodness for drugs right? I had foot surgery a couple of years ago, and I don’t remember the odors I’m reading about in the comments above… maybe things have improved? Well, keep your chin up – and your foot up too!

  4. Oh, I hope you recover quickly, itches and stinkiness all! The flowers are gorgeous! You sound like your attitude is great, so healing should progress quickly. But beware of pushing it too fast – take the rest you need and deserve.

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