Time Warp Tuesday: Christmas 1993

Christmas 1993 …the year a Sesame Street Monsters video took center stage… also known as the year I wore jersey knit pants and a jersey knit top in a stained glass pattern. Classy.

DSCN8540  TWT, Christmas 1993 cropped copy

There is so much here that I hardly know where to begin! Let’s try a bullet-point format, shall we?

  • EB was three and a half months old and I was getting very little sleep.
  • MM was 20 months old and more interested in watching a Sesame Street VHS cassette tape than he was in opening any presents.
  • The song playing on the music video was titled “Fuzzy and Blue” and to this day I can sing along. Of course, the variation of words in the lyrics is rather limited.  😉
  • One of his aunts made the cute vest he was wearing (EB would wear it for Christmas the next year).
  • My dear MIL made the shirt I am wearing. I think I opened it that morning at home, before traveling to my mom’s house. It was bright and cheerful (and stretchy and comfortable).
  • Low ponytail and bangs — probably not my best hairstyle. Did I mention I was post-partum?
  • The little red-and-white clad angel girls on the shelf behind me are now on my own mantle for Christmas.   I’ll try to remember to take a better picture of them for the 2012 Holiday Homes Tour.


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