For those who are left

My friend Reb kindly shared this link with me, which shows how therapy dogs* are bringing comfort to the many, many people living in the midst of a terribly tragic situation.
I am not ashamed to admit that it brought tears to my eyes.

Today, I am thankful there are people willing to take the time, patience, and compassion to help others.

Actually, I’m thankful for that every day.

*Gary‘s dog Penny is also a therapy dog. They currently work with the elderly, but Penny is now in the long process of becoming a hospice therapy dog as well.

Pre-Home Tour pictures


I’m sitting with my feet up, taking a break from addressing 150 what was I thinking?!? envelopes.  I should be making wrapping mailing doing something about Christmas gifts.

stash of supplies and other mess

stash of supplies and other mess


The kids had their last day of school for 2012 yesterday.

H-J gets his wisdom teeth extracted this morning because we know how to start Christmas break out on a fun note!


And I’m still not ready for the 2012 Holiday Homes Tour.

Please come back on Friday to see the place picked up and festive.