Pre-Home Tour pictures


I’m sitting with my feet up, taking a break from addressing 150 what was I thinking?!? envelopes.  I should be making wrapping mailing doing something about Christmas gifts.

stash of supplies and other mess

stash of supplies and other mess


The kids had their last day of school for 2012 yesterday.

H-J gets his wisdom teeth extracted this morning because we know how to start Christmas break out on a fun note!


And I’m still not ready for the 2012 Holiday Homes Tour.

Please come back on Friday to see the place picked up and festive.


7 thoughts on “Pre-Home Tour pictures

  1. My choice was to just pick 3 areas of the house to decorate and the rest is it’s same ol messy self…you are brave to post photos…my decorating is mostly just for me anyway…..I’d say blow off the home tour..who needd the stress.but then i’m lazy too

  2. We, having lost our minds, are hosting a holiday party on Saturday for my husband’s office. I’ve been sick for 4 weeks, just hosted my family last week (hope I didn’t infect them with the plague), and have had a few holiday orchestra gigs thrown into the mix. I told Jim last night that I would make the rounds and straighten up the house, but that was likely as good as it was going to get. We have our tree up and decorations outside (all done pre-plague) so I’m hoping that is festive enough. Hang in there!

  3. My decorating will be easy this year. No tree. Maybe I’ll put out the Nutcrackers, but then maybe not. Few gifts for the family. Nieces and Nephew are bringing their Christmas Eve dinner down here since driving/riding to Renton is out of the question for me. Hubby bought me a beautiful poinsettia(white. The poinsettia is his yearly traditional gift to me. I’m thinking that the poinsetta will be the “tree” this year. Hugs, Carol

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