To Be or Not to Be

Christmas clutter on the 9th day of Christmas. Apparently I am the only one who notices these things and thinks to actually do something about it.

Christmas clutter on the 9th day of Christmas. Apparently I am the only one who notices these things and thinks to actually do something about it.

  1. Yesterday I chose joy and beauty and thankfulness. Thanks to Frankenboot, it is difficult to bend over or squat to pick things up off the floor.
  2. Being on my feet for very long is not a good idea, and I have discovered how much work it really is to accomplish simple household chores. Even dusting involves a lot of bending and reaching on ones tippy-toes. Standing upon ones tippy-toes is impossible when encased in Frankenboot.
  3. No one else has jumped in to pick up the slack.  Therefore, I have a new occupation: dust farmer.
  4. I wrote a résumé last weekend. I did not, however, include “dust farmer” in list stating my job experience. Somehow it didn’t seem to be something that would help me stand out from other applicants.
  5. A metaphor is like a simile.
    That was a grammar joke. You’re welcome.

7 thoughts on “To Be or Not to Be

  1. My kids are selectively blind. One left a gift on my kitchen counter for a week, passing by it many times each day. The other couldn’t find food that was right in front of him. Sigh.

  2. Okay, I don’t have kids so maybe I shouldn’t weigh in here. BUT, I was a kid and in my family we joke that one of my mother’s most used phrases was (and still is) “pick up your crap!” She even has a sweat shirt that says, “It’s not an empty nest until they get their crap out of my basement!” So, I say, tell them to get a grip and pick up their….stuff! 🙂

  3. Oh Claudia, that t-shirt would have been so appropriate for my Dad and -B- until they sold the house this past summer. His three children and her two all had stuff stored there in the many little houses and barns on the property…

  4. I’m the only one living here right now, and there is crap all over the place! But it’s all mine. I’m having company, so I’ll clean it up today, but I have really enjoyed my little messes. I do know how hard it is to put up with the messes of others…

  5. The things that drive me craziest of all are the Wii-motes and other paraphernalia that don’t make it back into that basket next to the empty Christmas gift box, the pillows left all over the floor instead of put back on a sofa, and TV/DVD remotes that are left all over the room (we have a small container for them right next to the power strip that has to be turned off/on with each use).
    My husband did pick up the Christmas wrapping leftovers soon after I wrote this post. Hey, it only took 9 days for him to be tired of it, too! 😉

  6. I’ve been “updating” my son’s resume in my efforts to get him into a job that offers benefits… dust farmer is just as creative as some of the stretches I’ve had to make. I may even win a prize for fiction writing….

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