Evening Skywalk

View from the hospital skywalk

View from the hospital skywalk

DSCN8751  Skywalk Night Reflection

I’ve had plenty of time for reflection over the past 7 days.

DSCN8767  Skywalk Window Reflection

I’ve grown familiar with a part of town I had been able to drive around (literally) in the past. Now I know the most direct route, the parking garages, the elevators, the skywalk from the Children’s Hospital to the main hospital tower. I remind myself that as hard as it is to have a friend in his 50’s dying here, how much harder it must be to have a young child at death’s door.
I’ve said goodbye to a parent, but never a child… never a spouse…
I’m not the one saying a long goodbye to my best friend and partner of the past 31 years.
My part in this is a mere supporting role.
I’m seeing what true love looks like in action from a wife, from a son.
It’s not about me. 

Waiting. Trusting. Reflecting. Praying.

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