Time Warp Tuesday: 1983

One of the reasons for not cropping a photograph is the treasure trove of stories in the background.  Here we have gold draperies and a Volkswagen “microbus” parked on the street.

One of the hairstyles that is classic to the 1980’s is bangs (also known to some as “fringes”).
I have, as the girl says in the Peanuts cartoons, naturally curly hair. Don’t be too envious; naturally curly hair does what it wants, when it wants. You get what you get. I was just lucky that this happened to be one of my “good hair days” — when my bangs were actually behaving themselves.

Christmas 1983

Christmas 1983

I’m happy to say that by my senior year of high school, I was finally having a little more say in my clothing choices. I actually liked this blouse quite a bit! It was a little more teal colored than it looks in my photo-of-a-photo. Yes, those are tuxedo pleats, a faux bow-tie, and puffy shoulders. Yes, those puffy lips and smile are brought to you by the wearing of braces. And yes, I was still receiving stuffed animals for Christmas!


Time Warp Tuesday is brought to you by Jenn at Juggling Life. Visit here to see the other participants and their photos.

8 thoughts on “Time Warp Tuesday: 1983

  1. Gorgeous color on you! And I think the background of old pictures is just as great as the main subject matter. A microbus in your driveway!

  2. Oh, but I remember blouses like that – the tuxedo pleats, faux bow-tie, and puffy shoulders. Especially the puffy shoulders… Made me look like a wrestler!

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