Not Yet Spring

backyard with harlequin pups

This is what greeted us yesterday morning.

Snow falling on cedars Blue Spruce

Snow falling on cedars Blue Spruce



My cardinal on the Welcome sign looks rather unhappy.

[click on pic to embiggen]

Today there is a wintry mix falling from the sky here at my house, but the mountain has 3 inches of fresh snow and SuperDad is off enjoying his retirement with Nordic skiing.

What’s it like at your house today?

12 thoughts on “Not Yet Spring

  1. You know that crunchy sound snow makes when the temp falls below 0F? Yeah. And a forecast for 3-6 inches coming tomorrow night. Oh, I’m feeling so tired, just thinking about it.

  2. It’s the usual Texas roler coaster of weather here in Dallas – it was 78 degrees on Tuesday, 43 on Wednesday, heavy thunderstorms with large hail and 60 mph winds expected this morning but around 70 this afternoon. Makes my head spin! And my sinuses confused. We are already experiencing very high pollen readings and everyone’s allergies are in overdrive.

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