Signs of Spring

I was so thrilled to get outside and walk last Friday morning! It was the first time since my foot surgery that I could travel farther than 2 blocks without pain. It was a long, slow walk, although I didn’t go very far. I stopped often to take photos, so I’ve got plenty of them to share with you.


DSCN8929  golden

signs of spring

signs of spring




I think those shots were worth the swollen, stiff toe I had by the end of the evening.

This weekend I will be on a scrapbooking retreat away from home, so I will have to provide my own toe massages. The combination of my sub-par massaging abilities and the “dry” facility may be grounds for some failures in pain management, although of course I will be bringing along the 800mg pills of ibuprofen. (At this point in my life, that is probably my blood type.) I’ll try to figure out a way to elevate my foot as much as possible while still being productive. 

8 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

    • We woke up to snow again today. Generally we just get an inch at a time and it melts by noon. Everyone is still talking about the big snow they got about 4 years ago, with several feet followed by several more feet. I’m sorry I missed it! However, after seeing early signs of spring, I’m ready for it to arrive. Karen

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