Lawn Ornaments

wearing a hat fit for royal wedding

A statue at Blooming Hill, a garden and shop run by my friend Cyndie Rinek in Northern Virginia.

Lawn ornaments can be traditional…

2011 April 092 ANGEL cropped copy


Whimsical yard art


my neighbor's bottle tree

my neighbor’s bottle tree


or simply a neighborhood eyesore.


What kind of lawn ornaments do you have in your neighborhood?

10 thoughts on “Lawn Ornaments

  1. I’ve always envied those artsy gardens with whimsical items cast about here and there but looking more stylish than like junk. I have a gazing ball (grandma always had one), blue bird bath, and a few little stakes in the yard and pots made of cutlery to look like butterflies and bugs.

  2. We have it all on my street.

    I adore bottle trees and have the start of one in my backyard, although I do need to get more empties to put on it.

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