Time Warp Tuesday: the unofficial engagement picture

I was at a scrapbooking retreat over the weekend. Prior to the event, we were each asked to provide a picture of ourselves from the 1980s.  While I remember the 80′s, with big earrings, bigger hair, and big geometric print blouses — and I can even remember all 3 on myself at once! — I have yet to find the photographic proof.  And honestly, I didn’t dress the style very often.  You can, however, contrast my photo from 1983 with this one from the spring of 1987:

When we were very young...

When we were very young…

My hair was not in a pony tail — it was actually cut and styled this way. 


For those of you who have been waiting… I never did find a picture of me with those lavender-colored leg warmers from the early part of the decade.  I promise that if it shows up, I will share it with you!


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