Sunday Musing, in bits and pieces

My latest lanyard ~ light purple with "old opal" Vintage Venetian seed beads

My latest lanyard ~ light purple with “old opal” Vintage Venetian seed beads

Lanyards are difficult to photograph. 

While lavender/light purple isn’t my favorite color, I put a lot of work into making this lanyard something I would be proud to wear or sell. (The idea, of course, is to sell it. The setting up of my Etsy shop is in progress!)


  • I feel like I’m trudging through sludge in my brain tonight. Cold medicine helps me manage symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and congestion, but it doesn’t help me to think straight. 
  • I managed to clear my throat enough this morning to sing with the choir. Despite 2 cups of coffee at home, I still forgot to put my reading glasses into my purse — luckily, one of the other altos is smart enough to carry 2 pair in her purse! Nothing like sharing “cheaters” among friends. 🙂  
  • In the next few days, I need to complete 4 beaded leashes (2 different orders) which are at various stages of design. I bead the same way I quilt: a lot of doing, a lot of undoing… beading, un-beading; sewing, un-sewing. Eventually, I have a product I am happy with and put on the finishing touches.
  • Whenever I start a creative project, it tends to lead me off on rabbit trails of other creative projects. Right now on my dining room table are some wine glass charms and the remains of a stamping project (and the plans for another). Ten feet away is the baby quilt I started at a “sew day” last Wednesday before I agreed with my MIL (on Friday morning) that it was unrealistic to finish it prior to the baby shower at 2pm on Saturday.
  • Tomorrow is the student/teacher/parent conference for my youngest son. If my brain is engaged, I will remember wear a lanyard as a conversation starter and pack along a few more lanyards just in case a teacher or staff member notices and asks about them. Of course, of greater importance is remembering that I have a 1:30 pm conference time!  I’d be lost without my Google Calendar and the subsequent reminders that are sent to my e-mail inbox and pop up on my screen.
  • I’ve been looking at slideshows of my photographs from Utah and Arizona last year and looking forward to spring break. The sunshine on cactus and rocks almost make me forget how cold it’s been lately.
  • Zuill Bailey played Bach’s Complete Suites for Unaccompanied Cello this afternoon here in town. Unfortunately, at $50 per ticket, I couldn’t afford to buy a pair of tickets in good conscience — especially since I wanted to take a friend instead of my husband. (I love him but he doesn’t love music as much as a few of my friends love music.)  If you don’t know about this musician, do yourself a favor and click here.

What thoughts are wandering through your mind?

5 thoughts on “Sunday Musing, in bits and pieces

  1. The cello is my FAVORITE instrument and I’ve never heard a Bach composition I didn’t like. I believe I’d have sprung for the $50.
    Hope your cold goes away fast.

  2. I’m filled with anxiety. Why? My ears have been ringing and I’m afraid my blood pressure is through the roof, and I don’t have enough discipline to lose the weight I need to. What if I have a heart attack? A stroke? WHY ISN’T THAT ENOUGH TO MOTIVATE ME TO LOSE WEIGHT???

  3. I know those overly ambitious intentions.. you have a wise mother in law. 😉 You might want to consider wearing a humourous pro-treacher quote in that lanyard…

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