Time Warp Tuesday: One Year Ago

For 46 years, people repeatedly told me I look like my mother.

Last year, my husband snapped this picture of me with my father. Guess who I think I really look like?

2012 Spring Break #3, Traveling to Tucson 032 - Karen & Dad, cropped

This picture isn’t much of a time warp — it was taken just one year ago.

I’m on the road now and will be there tomorrow for our annual visit.

As is right and proper, family takes priority in life. The “unread” list in my Reader was already in triple digits before I left town. Those who have packed a family up for vacation know how much work goes into pre-trip preparation… and the farther down the road I go, the behinder I become.
While I don’t quite qualify as a Luddite, limited WiFi access and a “dumb phone” means I am really far behind on checking in with each of you.

I am grateful for your comments here, because they show up in my e-mail and I will get to read them the next time I have WiFi for my laptop and the time to access it. Keeping connected to friends is right up there in my priorities next to keeping connected with family. ♥


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