Time Warp Tuesday: cousins

You may have noticed a lag in my blogging. We just returned from our spring break trip to see my dad in Arizona — a trip that totaled more than 2,100 miles in the car. It was long, it was exhausting, the scenery was beautiful and I am still getting photos uploaded unto the computer and organized.

It reminds me a little bit of the trip I took with the boys in the summer of 2009. While I didn’t put those kind of miles on a car, we did fly from Virginia to Seattle, spending a great deal of time with family and squeezing in time with friends, too. SuperDad stayed back east to work but everyone else on my side of the family was there. We celebrated my mother’s 70th birthday and the 10 cousins had fun together.

With the exception of MusicMan (in sunglasses) and Encyclopedia Blue (far right), everyone has grown at least 6 inches taller since this photograph was taken.

Cousins on the beach, July 2009

Cousins on the beach, July 2009

This picture hangs in my hallway, a remembrance from that fun time on a rocky beach in the middle of a Seattle-area heat wave.


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