About April


A few times a year, I step back from life online.
The entire month of April has turned out to be one of those times.

Grandpa with SnakeMaster and H-J

Grandpa with SnakeMaster and H-J

We’ve put a lot of miles on the ol’ minivan in April — about 3,000 miles.
The month started out with a long road trip to visit my dad. 

DSCN0284 (800x600)


Sometimes a person just needs to take a little time off to deal with busy-ness in schedules and to pay attention to family and household needs.

And sometimes a person just needs to sit down and pet the cat, especially when the family goes away for 9 days! Cleopatra approves of this payment, even if she does not approve of family vacations. My visiting friend KCINNOTX was happy to oblige the queen kitty.

Psssst! Cleopatra misses you, K. 😦

I’ve also been gathering up photos to use for My Town Monday, thanks to KCINNOTX’s visit here this past week, so in May I will attempt to begin sharing those pictures on a regular basis. 

DSCN9512 (800x600)

KCINNOTX in front of the lower falls on the Spokane River downtown

3 thoughts on “About April

  1. I don’t know about you, but I tend to feel guilty when life happens away from my online world … which is silly, and kind of defeats the purpose of chronicling life online. I hope your April has been guilt-free and lovely!

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