And now for something completely different

This post is being typed on our 2005 computer keyboard.  You know the one — it is hooked up to our 2005  desktop computer — the one that is used by our high-schooler who is taking 6 AP courses. You know the one — the kid who has one more week before the AP exams begin.  This is also the computer my husband normally uses when I am hogging the laptop which happens to be mine but we do share it in the evenings or whenever he is tired of the old 2000XP with a tiny brain.

I’m finding it difficult to read posts on this screen despite the fact that it is newer than everything but the mouse in front of me.  Everything looks different on this computer, and not just because all of my pictures (the ones that aren’t on the external hard drive) are on my laptop which crashed at the end of last week.  Did I mention that all my photos since we moved here (nearly 2 years ago) are on my laptop?

I am hopeful that the photos can be recovered. I refuse to think anything but that!

I’m back safely at home again after an amazingly restful weekend (except for the 675 miles put on the minivan) and I have photos of the gorgeous place where I went on a women’s retreat but they are stuck in the camera (the photos, not the women).  Those pictures are going to have to stay in the camera until the laptop gets back from the doctor.   The planned My Town Monday posts will have to wait for a while, too, because my laptop crashed at the end of last week.   (Did I mention that already?)

If you need to find me, I’ll either be sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on my head crying over lost photos  or fulfilling the pressing needs of one of my other creative outlets.


PS:   I use the word “typed” because this keyboard feels and sounds like the typewriters on which I honed my skills in high school typing class.

PPS:   Please  tell me you had typing class and not keyboarding or computer class!