And now for something completely different

This post is being typed on our 2005 computer keyboard.  You know the one — it is hooked up to our 2005  desktop computer — the one that is used by our high-schooler who is taking 6 AP courses. You know the one — the kid who has one more week before the AP exams begin.  This is also the computer my husband normally uses when I am hogging the laptop which happens to be mine but we do share it in the evenings or whenever he is tired of the old 2000XP with a tiny brain.

I’m finding it difficult to read posts on this screen despite the fact that it is newer than everything but the mouse in front of me.  Everything looks different on this computer, and not just because all of my pictures (the ones that aren’t on the external hard drive) are on my laptop which crashed at the end of last week.  Did I mention that all my photos since we moved here (nearly 2 years ago) are on my laptop?

I am hopeful that the photos can be recovered. I refuse to think anything but that!

I’m back safely at home again after an amazingly restful weekend (except for the 675 miles put on the minivan) and I have photos of the gorgeous place where I went on a women’s retreat but they are stuck in the camera (the photos, not the women).  Those pictures are going to have to stay in the camera until the laptop gets back from the doctor.   The planned My Town Monday posts will have to wait for a while, too, because my laptop crashed at the end of last week.   (Did I mention that already?)

If you need to find me, I’ll either be sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on my head crying over lost photos  or fulfilling the pressing needs of one of my other creative outlets.


PS:   I use the word “typed” because this keyboard feels and sounds like the typewriters on which I honed my skills in high school typing class.

PPS:   Please  tell me you had typing class and not keyboarding or computer class!

17 thoughts on “And now for something completely different

  1. I visited my father’s house over the weekend and needed to use my brother’s old computer, which had what I believe was the original computer mouse attached to it. Scrolling hadn’t even been invented yet when this thing was made.

  2. Ugh! I have hope for your photos if you have taken your computer to a good place for repair/recovery. Last year my hard drive died with all my Idiot’s kitchen photos, recipes, etc. held hostage. Thankfully almost all (except 3 recipe’s worth of pics) were recovered. Now I have an external hard drive AND I put them on Flickr AND I use drop box. You only have to learn this lesson once. Good luck!!!! Sending good computer vibes your way!

    • It was very stupid of me to not have it backed up already. I have my older pics backed up, but this laptop had so much memory that I didn’t “need” to do it… and my dh and I had JUST BEEN DISCUSSING IT while the computer was updating security that morning… it was wonky all day after that and I never got the back-up done before leaving town… and then it crashed WHILE I WAS WORKING OFF A RECIPE I’D PINNED ONLINE!! *sigh* I very much remember your appropriate angst when your hard drive crashed last year.

      The first place my dh took the computer (free opinion) was a guy who couldn’t help us, so now it is off a $100/hr repair place with a good reputation. They gave me hope on the phone but it sounds like I might have to rub extra money on the problem. *sigh* Karen

  3. I took typing in school – on a manual machine at first… We thought we’d died and gone to heaven when they purchased the first electrical typewriters… (No! I didn’t go to school pre-WWII – our school board just wasn’t very with it)

  4. I not only took Typing I and II in high school – I went on to take Advanced Typing at the community college! How’s that for nerdy?!?! It was an easy way to boost my crappy GPA, OK?! Back in the stone age…I learned Gregg shorthand, too! Think I was one of the last of a dying breed there with the dawning of the invention of the handheld dictophone! Remember the teeny tiny cassette tapes that went in those? OK – I’m showing my age big time!!

  5. Ugh.. we’ve all been there with the dead computers. These days, it seems that I’m hearing more and more people say that they were able to recover their treasured files after all. I hope you are among them.

    I never took typing in school. Back then, you ONLY took it if you wanted to be a secretary. Sheesh. I learned to know the keyboard about 23 years ago with an application called Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. It gave me the basics in a few hours and I honed those skills playing online trivia. Who knew that all that time I was training myself to blog and leave blog comments? 😉

  6. I took typing AND shorthand in high school, but I’m old 🙂

    I recently took my favorite flower/garden photos and made a mixbook. Once it arrived, I deleted the photos. I’ve decided that I don’t really want to archive things electronically –I’d rather create a book than worry about which ones I’ve stored, etc. Plus, I need a new laptop every few years for work, so I was constantly transferring photos from the laptop I was giving to Emma to my new one. I’m hoping to create a couple more books this summer, and get rid of some more photos! The only exception to this is people photos –those I’ll keep because I might want to share them electronically with other family members at some point.

  7. In the late ’50s I learned to type on a manual typewriter and I attempted to learn shorthand (which was as foreign a language as my attempt to learn Spanish). Hubby has a laptop thanks to a son who thinks one of us (his dad) needs to keep up with technology. Said son KNOWS his mother has problems keeping up-to-date on the latest gadgets. By the time I learn how something functions (ie. cell phone, computer programs) technology deems it antique. I do hope all will be well with your photos. Hugs from me!

  8. Oooh, I hope the pictures can be saved.
    I’m a typer–I took a year of typewriting in high school and it was the most valuable class of my whole undergrad education!

  9. I thought I had lost my son’s England/France pictures when we changed computers. But hooray, there they were buried in a back-up file for my laptop (which I think has died but I haven’t looked at it yet) on our external hard drive. Here’s to multiple backups. Now I have photos on the new computer, the hard drive, and I save the memory cards for my camera too.

  10. I have lost stuff on the computer so my husband has become obsessive about backing mine up so he never has to hear me whine about it again!

    I never took typing because when I was 16 a family friend (a business exec) told me not to learn to type because I would be put in the secretarial pool instead of a higher level job – so I type with about 3 fingers and have to look at the keyboard…who knew?

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