An entire childhood in a post

What happens when my  computer crashes?

Well, for one thing, I don’t spend all my time on a computer!  For this past week and this coming week, that statement is especially true, since we are down to one working computer in our home and H-J is cramming for taking multiple AP exams.

Without the ability share many of my own pictures with you (you in its  plural form, as in all y’all… I did spent 5+ years living in Texas!), I’m sharing an oldie-but-goodie with images found on The Google  [insert nod to Jen]and an e-mail compliments of my friend Carol. (Thanks, Carol! 🙂) Without further ado, here is your walk back through childhood:

45 rpm spindles

Metal Ice cube trays

Roller-skate keys

Cork pop guns

Marlin  Perkins

Drive in  Movies

Drive in (NOT drive-THRU) restaurants

Topo Gigio (Ed Sullivan Show)

Washtub wringers     (I see these for sale on a regular basis.)

The Fuller Brush Man (Red Skelton)

Reel-To-Reel tape recorders


Erector Sets

Lincoln Logs

15 cent hamburgers   (I’m pretty sure the fries tasted better then, too.)  

5 cent packs of baseball cards

Penny candy

25 cent a gallon gasoline

Jiffy Pop popcorn  (We actually have some of this in our camping supplies!)

Gum wrapper chains

Chatty Cathy dolls

5 cent Cokes

and 5-cent candy bars, too!

Of course, if you ate too much candy, you might need this:

Speedy Alka-Seltzer

Cigarettes for Christmas  (and kids being sent to the corner store to buy them for their parents)

Burma Shave signs

This gum

Brownie camera

Flash bulbs  (now THAT was a pop!)

TV Test patterns   …and the fact that programming ended each night

Old Yeller

Chef Boy-AR-dee

Fire escape tubes

Timmy and Lassie

Ding Dong Avon calling

Brylcreem (a little dab’ll do ya’)

Aluminum Christmas Trees

Was life really simple back then, or does it just seem that way because we were children without grown-up worries?

What the heck where they thinking?!?!?