Thoughts on Mother’s Day

2011 September, Manito 001

Ah, yes. Mother’s Day. I’m never quite sure what to do about it. I’m sort of stuck between “honor your father and mother” and recognizing that the holiday taken hostage by Hallmark is littered with emotional landmines.  I was always picky about the cards I sent to my own mother; I wanted them to speak truth, which made the choices rather difficult (“always there for me” felt like a brown-nosing lie).   I hope my kids know that I am here for them, even though some days I have felt like running away to The Women’s Colony. Yesterday, for example we cheered on the youngest boy at his first marching band parade, followed by an entire afternoon in the heat at the older teen’s track meet. And while I’m pretty sure that the perfect mom would know the names of her kids’ teammates, I’d just be satisfied if my kids knew that I put them first much of the time and that I honestly do think they are a priority in my life.

This year, my husband’s mother is here with us.  Her presence may help to spur my sons to action — that is,  they have a decent chance of remembering it and actually doing something about it.  But first I’ll have to go wake them up! 😉

An excellent piece about Mother’s Day can be found here in its entirety. I hope you click at least one of those links (the first is the main idea, the second is the entire post).

Blessings to each of you and thank you for the nurturing you do for others in your life. ♥

9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Mother’s Day

  1. Loved the poem. You are a great mom and I am sure your boys know it, even if they don’t always show it!

  2. Karen, I have some similar feelings about mothers day that you may have expressed here or on other sites…just know that I am with you! There is no perfect mom…or maybe, every mom is perfect???? Either option works for me. Happy Day, Mother’s or others.

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