Surrounded by Lilacs

2013 May 003 lilacs draw the eye

Please click on the lilacs to enlarge the picture. It’s worth it!

We are in the pinnacle week of the Lilac Festival here.

SnakeMaster marched in his first parade last Saturday.

SnakeMaster plays the baritone at the Junior Lilac Parade.

The younger teen marched in his first parade four days ago and H-J will be leading his band this coming Saturday for the 75th  annual torchlight parade.

H-J at the all-city track meet on Saturday.

H-J at the all-city track meet on Saturday.

8 thoughts on “Surrounded by Lilacs

  1. We also have a town and country full of blooming lilacs. It smells heavenly outside. Unfortunately, Rob is so allergic that I can’t bring any bouquets inside.

  2. I love lilacs. I planted one when we first moved here four years ago and it hasn’t not thrived the way I thought it would. I put in another this year and am hoping it will do better. If it does, then I’ll definitely add more.

  3. We have two lilacs, two varieties. One is blooming now, and the other will bloom in a week or so. Heavenly! Our smaller lilac had to be transplanted from a shady area to a sunnier spot, where it did much better. Transplanting a big shrub like that is a fairly big deal. It would have been easier if we figured it out the first time. But then we live in Western PA, where it is cloudy most of the time.

    At our household it’s about to be All Marching Band, All the Time.

    And about the teen job scene – I think all over the place teens are getting pushed out of their traditional summer jobs by adults who need those jobs year round. In addition, I think you’re right that even fast-food places prefer 18-yr-olds over younger kids.

  4. I can’t even pretend that the trees are budding yet! This has been the coldest spring in many years – but according to the weather service we should get +15C tomorrow… I’m not holding my breath yet!

  5. Must be beautiful there, with all of the lilacs blooming. We don’t have enough of those here in Northern Virginia. They really need the colder winters. The kids look great, too!

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