Lilacs on Parade

2013 May 004 Lilac Bloomsday

Saturday night was the culminating event of the Lilac Festival:
The Spokane Lilac Festival 75th Diamond Anniversary Armed Forces Torchlight Parade.
Now there’s a mouthful!

princesses preparing to parade

princesses preparing to parade

There was royalty in the form of Lilac Princesses.

Pearl Harbor survivors

Pearl Harbor survivors

There was royalty in the form of a disappearing generation…

2013 May Torchlight Parade 062 Survivor cheers

WWII and Korean War Veterans

WWII and Korean War Veterans

former Prisoners of War

former Prisoners of War

and of course, much recognition for our Armed Forces  past and present.
After all, it was Armed Forces Day here in the United States.



And then there was the very personal reason why we spent many hours downtown on Saturday evening:

2013 May Torchlight Parade 086 leading backwards

2013 May Torchlight Parade 018

Our very own drum major, who spent half of the parade marching backwards.

2013 May Torchlight Parade 084  leading  backwards

11 thoughts on “Lilacs on Parade

  1. I sure do miss the fragrance of lilacs! Just too darned hot for them to survive in Texas. I did find some nice lilac perfume that is a decent substitute.

  2. Between the lilacs and veterans, I love all these photos! I have no idea how drum majors do it, however; I can barely walk forward without falling down. Do you think his talent could be included on a resume?

  3. Congrats to your drum major 🙂

    It’s funny, but I kind of think of parades as an activity that is slowly passing away. But maybe it’s just my age? Our little town has one Christmas parade, and honestly once you’ve seen it once, it’s the same every year. The larger town has a St. Patrick’s Day parade, but I’ve never seen it and don’t know anyone who’s ever been in it. I don’t even know if the schools’ bands are in it.

    • Cassi, This particular parade is a BIG DEAL. High school bands come from all over the state to march in this one, and the middle school band that takes first place in the Junior Lilac Parade (held a week prior) also gets to march in this one. There are also towns that bring floats for this parade. Our small town in Virginia had several parades each year. I still find them to be a lot of fun but it can get boring if you don’t have any connection to those who are participating. There is a St. Patrick’s Day parade here but I have never been to it. Perhaps next year?

  4. Very cool. I’ll bet he had sore muscles from using them that way. Deservedly proud moments for many.

  5. I love lilacs! It might be genetic too – My grandmother told me a story once about her father who, after mowing the lawn, would lie in the grass in the shade with a lilac under his nose, like a great purple mustache! I giggle every time I think of that visual!

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