Of camping and wildflowers

The following photos are brought to you courtesy of SuperDad and the overnight hike which he took with SnakeMaster:

This spot

This spot

this view

this view

2013 May 190  tiny, not a daisy chain

2013 May 174  bud



2013 May 183  purple or pink

2013 May 186  butterfly

You’re welcome.

13 thoughts on “Of camping and wildflowers

  1. I should point out that this was not a traditional campsite: there were no picnic tables and no toilets. I might have agreed to camp here next time… although I’m not sure why I would do that (except for the views, of course).

  2. I wonder what that flower is in the third picture. Would love to know.
    Looks like a really nice spot that this camping trip was in

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