Two degrees of Sonora Dodd

My town has more than a few claims to fame. It is the Lilac City, the host of Bloomsday and Hoop Fest (world’s largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament), and a great place to oggle Craftsman-style homes.  There are many different styles of old churches (this is an idea for a photo shoot that I’ve yet to make happen but which I think about whenever I drive around town oggling Craftsman-style homes).

The church I attend has been around for over one hundred years.  In fact, it is where the very first Father’s Day was celebrated.

Commemorative Father's Day Plaque

This commemorative Father’s Day plaque was made for the 100th anniversary of Father’s Day in 2010.    It hangs on the wall in the narthex of our church.

Sonora Dodd got the idea for a day to honor fathers after hearing a Mother’s Day message preached at another church. Her own mother had passed away when Mrs. Dodd was a sixteen-year-old girl, leaving Sonora’s father to raise 6 children on his own (although I suspect she helped out with those 5 younger brothers). As a young mother herself in the early 20th century, she must have had incredible respect for a man who took on the role of single parenthood. (Go ahead and click the link, it is interesting!)

My dad isn't yet 100 years old

My dad isn’t as old as Father’s Day

I visited my dad in early April.  We’ve aged a bit since 1988…

Me with my dad at the rehearsal the night before, practicing walking up the aisle

At my wedding rehearsal (I was 22 years old and 5’9″ tall.)

SuperDad and his boys, Easter 2002

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there!