I’m taking on a creative challenge — because apparently my creative side didn’t feel overwhelmed by the new job that is challenging the heck out of my logical side. 

Unlike other blog hops that I have seen, this one will not involve mailing a supply of beads to a previously unknown person and in return receiving a supply of beads from someone unknown to me. That would be more challenge than I am up for right now!

While I don’t consider myself a bead hoarder, I do have plenty of beads in my possession. Most of them are not interesting focal pieces (See the little fancy “purse” bead on the far right — isn’t it fabulous?) but I do need to use what I already own instead of shopping for new beads every week (Really, I’m only LOOKING!)(It’s a good thing that the Shipwreck Beads store is a full day’s drive away.)  month.

So…. in the next few weeks, in my “spare time”, I’ll be pawing through my stash and seeing what I might have set aside and forgotten about over the years — and I’ll make something (or some things) to share with you on July 20th.

More information can by found by clicking on the badge provided in this post or on the sidebar of my blog.

Wish me luck! I’ll need it…