TWT: Once Upon A Time

What do you do with huge extended family portraits when the family matriarch passes away?

This family portrait was taken nearly 13 years ago. I am not authorized to show you the entire portrait, which includes my mother, my sister, my 2 brothers and their families, but I can show you one-fourth of the portrait showcasing my own family:

July 2000

July 2000

We had flown up from El Paso, TX, to visit both sides of the family that summer.  My mother wanted a family picture with family groups wearing coordinating clothing.  Navy blue and dark red were the predominant colors for the entire extended family, although SuperDad wanted to wear a color (dark green) that better suited him, so my navy-blue-and-dark-green dress became the piece to pull us together. My dear SIL (who lives near Mrs. G.) had found the matching shirts for my boys and created the little romper with one of them for baby SM to wear.

I have this large portrait now. I couldn’t bear for anyone to not love it. (My siblings already had a large-ish picture of their own and didn’t need this huge one.) It hangs in the hallway between the kids’ rooms and my room. I look at it nearly every day and smile.

The boys’ shirts and the romper are long gone; 3 out of the 4 sons are now over six feet tall. The dress no longer fits me (although I haven’t given up hope). My husband still has that shirt — and possibly even those Dockers.
This was our non-professional family picture last summer:

from left to right:  Humorous-Juniorous, MusicMan, *me*, Encyclopedia Blue, SnakeMaster, and SuperDad (June 2012)

from left to right: Humorous-Juniorous, MusicMan, *me*, Encyclopedia Blue, SnakeMaster, and SuperDad (June 2012)

Time Warp Tuesday was created by Jenn, who has especially been “Juggling Life” for the past few months.
Gary has been faithfully blogging despite the rest of us taking a break from TWT. (Go, Gary!)

9 thoughts on “TWT: Once Upon A Time

  1. what a great picture this is! Wish I could see the whole thing 🙂 For Dave’s birthday year before last, his three kids and 4 grands got together and had a picture made for him 🙂

  2. That’s a stroke of genius to find infant clothing in the same pattern as older kid clothing. And it’s great to see the same crowd in a more recent photo. I wish I could get my act together and participate in the Time Warp Tuesday posts, but it just ain’t gonna happen.

  3. That is so good. What differences the years make in our children and yes even us. I love the formal pictures but also love those casual ones as well. They each should have a special place on our walls 🙂

  4. What a cute photo. I adore the creativity with the matching baby romper.

    You know, next summer when you take family photos, there’s a really good chance you’ll the shortest person in your family…

  5. Gotta love the large family photo shoot–the one D’s family took was a fiasco, but it looks like yours turned out very nice! And look how TALL your boys have grown since then!

  6. I love our big extended family pictures, too. My parents like to hire someone when we are all getting tgether – so about once every 7-10 years. It is amazing to see the changes in all the kids over time.

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