TWT: More Than Just Memories of Italian Mice

Brightside Susan mentioned that I ought to have other, happier memories from Italy — and yes, I do have some! In fact, I recently scrapbooked these (re-scrapbooked them, since the old photo albums with magnetic pages were deteriorating and putting my precious photo memories in danger) so I will share them here.

click on pic to embiggen

click on pic to embiggen

I loved the Tuscan town of Lucca with its many tall towers and red roofs. We paid to climb the steps in this particular tower — Torre Guinigi —  because it not only had a lovely rooftop garden but it also had a lovely view over the town and countryside.


SuperDad schlepped baby H-J up all of those steps to the top of the tower.

Yes, those are really mature trees growing on top of the tower! They provided some much appreciated shade on the top of the roof.

Now THAT is a hay barn!

Now THAT is a hay barn! I had this photo enlarged and framed for my husband’s grandparents who were farmers.

I have a few more fun pictures to share from our whirlwind trip that fall, but I’m saving those for next week. 🙂

Hopefully I’ll have time to get it done. It’s a really busy week for me at work (meetings, memorial services, and more) but I am taking time out for fun on Tuesday evening and going to see/hear Zuill Bailey again.  My blogging time will just have to take a back seat to such pressing engagements.


Time Warp Tuesday is brought to you by Jenn at Juggling Life. Visit here to see the other participants and their photos.

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