J is for…

Count your blessings, name them one by one…

I’m using Thursday posts to focus on thankfulness — and instead of counting blessings, I’m challenging myself to come up with them alphabetically.  (You can find the rest of the posts in this series here.)

Welcome to J week!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Actually, last week was J week, but I was too hot and tired to think straight. Luckily, the rest of you were paying attention and pointed out that I posted (or implied) quite a few J words:

  • Job — after month of learning with training wheels and a month of learning without the training wheels, I’m finally feeling caught up and capable. It’s a good feeling.
  • July
  • Jesus
  • Joy
  • people in my life with J-names!

And in fact, last Thursday at the park — in that awful heat — was some terrific live Jazz.  🙂

Tomorrow is the double funeral for the parents-in-law of my dear friend ~P~ and while I wish I was there to grieve the loss of 2 wonderful people, it didn’t make a lick of sense to attempt to travel nearly 3,000 miles in such a brief amount of time.


Your turn:  Please share anything you are thankful for today (especially if it begins with J and you missed last week)…

Bonus question:  Where would you travel to right now if time and distance was not an issue?


4 thoughts on “J is for…

  1. Japan (which I long to go back to for a nice visit)
    Just married (ok two words, but still)
    Jam (preferably strawberry)
    Junk (one person’s junk is another’s treasure)

    Janet 😉

  2. I am thankful for being home from traveling. And thankful that our trip gave me a chance to spend more time with my sister and brother than I’ve done in a while.

  3. I would travel to Quebec. My aunt is very ill (although she out of the hospital and can finally travel back home) I would love to be there just to help her out for a short time.

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